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ادامه 504 لغت از درس 21 به بعد

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Lesson    22
1.رییس ،میول ، سربرست
A    .    The      warden     found     himself    facing    two    hundred    defiant*     prisoner     .
B   .    A    cautious*     warden     always    has     to     anticipate*     the      possibility     of     an       escape.. 
   C     .      when    the    journalists*     asked  to  meet  with  warden  Thomas , he sent word  that he was sick..
2    .     As knowledge
2.تصدیق کردن ،اعتراف کردن ،اذعان کردن ،
A    .     The    experts    .   R e l u c t a n t l y *.   as  knowledge  that  their  estimate*   of  food  costs  was  no t  accurate.
B     .    district  Attorney   Hogan   got  the  man  to as knowledge  that  he  had  lied  in court.
C   .    "l   hate living along ," the bachelor* as knowledge.
3     .      j u s t I c e
3.انصاف ،عدل ،عدالت
A   .   D a n I el     w e b s t e r      abandoned*    any     hope    for     justice    once     he     saw    the    jut   .
   Our   pledge * to   the   flag   refers    to   "liberty    and    justice   for all.. B  
  C    .    the warden* as knowledge*  that  justice had  not  been  served  in  my  case.
4.غفلت کار ،تقصیر کار ،خلاف کار
A    .   The    youthful    delinquent      tried to avoid* going to jail     .
B   . All delinquents are banned* from the student council at school   .
C    .   lf  you  are  delinquent in  paying  your  dues , you  will  be  dropped  from  membership  in  the  club.
.R eject   .   5
5. قبول کردن ، نبذیرفتن ، جواب رد دادن
A    .  s y l v e s t e r  didn’t  try  to  evade*  the  draft  because  he  knew  the  doctors
would  reject  him  once  they  saw  the  X-rays  of  his  back      .
B   .   The    reform*    bill    was    unanimously *    rejected     by     congress*     .
C   .  when  his  promotion  was  rejected  by  the newspaper  owner,  the  editor* 
 T h o r o u   g h l y *   be    w I l d ere   .* was   
6    .     D e p rive
6.بی بهره کردن ،بی نصیب کردن
A    . The  poor  man  was  deprived of a  variety*  of  things  that  money  could  buy.  b .we  were  deprived  o f a  good  harvest*   because  of  the  lack*  of  rain.
C  .living  in a  rural* area,  Betsy  was  deprived  of  concerts  and  plays.
7   .  SPOUSE
7.همسر، زن یا شوهر ، شریک زندگی
A   . when  a  husband  prospers*  in  his  business , his  spouse  benefits  also.
B    . The  woman  and  her  spouse  relieved*  each  other  throughout  the  night at  their  child s  bedside.
C   .  "may  l  bring  my  spouse  to  the  office  party? "  Do rind a   asked.
8    .  V o c a t ion
8.بیشه ،شغل ، کار
A    .   Red   smiths vocation was   as   a    journalist*     for    the   Times.
B    .   one  should  try  to  pick  an  appropriate*  vocation  that  is appropriate  for him or her.
C   .   If  you  are  uneasy *  in  your  vocation,  you  can  never  be  happy.
9    .  UN stable
9.بی ثبات ،متزلزل ، نابایدار
A   .    An   unstable   person   will   panic*   when   he   or   she   is in   trouble.
B   .   L could  detect*  that  the  drinking  glass  was  unstable and  about  to  fall.
C   .   c a thy ,s  balance  became unstable  because  she  was  very  weary*.
10   .    Ho m I c I de
10. قتل ،ادم کشی ، قاتل
A   .   The p o lice   were   baffled*   as   to   who   was   responsible   for   the    homicide.
B    .  l t  took  a  crafty*  person  to  get  away  with  that  homicide.
C    .   News of the homicide quickly circulated* through our vicinity.
11    .    P e n A l I z e
11.به کیفر رساندن ، مجازات کردن ، تنبیه کردن
A    .   The  d e t r o it  Lions  were  penalized  fifteen  yards  for  their  rough  play.
b    .    W e  are      penalized       for    not    following    tradition    .
C    .      M RS   Robins     penalize    us    for   doing    the    math    problem in    ink.

1 2. B en e f l c I a r y 
12.بهره مند ،ذی نفع ، وارث
A   .   l  was  the  b e n e f l c I a  r y  of $8,000  when  my  grandfather  died.
B  .when the  paintings  were  sold  the  millionaires  niece  was  the  b e n e f l c  I a r y.
C  .my  brother  was  the   b e n e f l c I a r y   of  excellent  advice  from  his  guidance  counselor.
Lesson 23
1.    Re p tile
1.    جانور خزنده
A   .  The    lizard is a reptile with a very slender* body.
 B   .  Re p tiles   are   kept    in   the   museums large hall.                                           
C   .    A crocodile is a reptile that is more nimble* in the water than out   of   it.
2    .  A re l yr
2.خیلی کم ،به ندرت ،گه گاه
    A     .   You    rarely    hear    adults   raving *   about    a    movie    they    just    saw . 
B   .    People    are   rarely   frank* with each other.   
 C   .  l   rarely    attend the annual* meetings of our family circle. 
3     .    Forbid
3.قذغن کردن ،منع کردن ، اجازه دادن
A    .    Spitting   on   the   floor   is   forbidden   in   public   places   .
B    .    The   law   forbids   drunken   drivers    to   handle   their    autos   .  
C   . l  forbid  you  to enter  the  dense*  jungle  because  of  the  peril*  which  a waits  you  there.
4   .  Logical
4.منطقی، معقول
A     .   l t  is  logical  to  spend  a  min I m un*  on  needless  things.
B     .   In  order  to  keep  you r  car  running  well, it  is  only  logical  that  you  lubricate*  it regularly  .
C     .  l u s e d  a logical argument  to  persuade*  Lest r  to  leave .
5    .   E x h I bit
5.عرضه کردن ،نشان دادن ، به نمایش گذاشتن
 A   .   A  million  dollar  microscope* is  now  on  exhibit  at  our  school .
. B     .  The   bride   and   groom   exhibited   their   many   expensive*   gifts
C    .  Kim   frequently *   exhibited   her   vast   knowledge*   of   baseball   before   Complete    strangers.
6   .   Proceed
6.شروع کردن ،اقدام کردن ، ادامه دادن
A   .  Only    those    with    special    cards    can    proceed     into   the   pool    area.
B   . When the actor was late, the show proceeds with out him.
C    .    The  senator  proceeded  to  denounce*  those  wholesalers*  who would  deprive*  Americans  of  their  quota*  of  beef.
7   .  Pre caution
7.احتیاط ، بیشگیری، بیش بینی
A   .    Detectives   used   pre caution   b e fore   entering    the    bombs   vicinity.
B    .   We    must    take   every     precaution     not    to   pollute*     the      air      .
C    .   Before   igniting*   the   fire,   the   hunters   took   unusual   precaution     .
8    .    Extract
8.استخراج کردن فبیرون اوردن ،کشیدن
A    .   Dr.  F o gel   extracted   my   tooth    in an amateur* fashion     .
B   .   Chemists       extracted     the     essential*     vitamins     from     the      grain      .
  C   .   sp en c e r  was ingenious*  in  extracting  information  from  with e s s e s .
9    . Prior
9.قبلی ،قبل از ،مقدم بر
A     .    P r I o r    to   choosing    his    life s     vocation,*    Paul    traveled    to      India   .
B    .   Myrna    was   unhappy   prior    to    meeting   her   beau      .
C    .  Samson   had   been   a    strong   man   prior   to    having   his   hair   cut       .
10. Embrace
10.بغل کردن ،در اغوش گرفتن
A    .   After   having   been    rivals *    for   years,     the    two     men     embraced      .
B    .    When     Ellen, s      spouse*     approached*      she      slipped      out     of     Doug ,s      embrace       ..
C    .   The     young   girl    was   bewildered*    when   the   stranger   embraced   her   .
11    .   Valiant
11.دلاور ،نیرومند ،دلیرانه
A    .    ROBIN      Hood      was      valiant     and    faced     his     opponents     without     FEARB        .
 The    valiant     paratroopers    led    the      In   vision   ..B   
C   .    Grandma    j o a d    has   the   ability*   to     be   V a l l  a n t   when   the   need    arose    .
12   .        Partial
12.محدود ،ناقص ،جزیی
A    .    We     made   a   partial    listing   of   the   urgently*   needed     supplies    .
B     .    Macys    had    a    sale   on   a    partial    selection*     needed    supplies    .
B     .   Macys     had   a     sale   on   a    partial    selection    of    its    winter    clothes     .
C      .     Us I n g     only    a    partial    amount   of    his    great    speed    Jim     Ryun    surpassed*      all   the    other     runners   .    
Lesson    24
1   .    Fierce
1.خشن ،حیوان وحشی ، درنده ،تندخو
A    .  Barry   was   so   fierce   angry   that   he   thrust*   his   hand   through   the   glass   .
B    .  One    must   take    appropriate*   precautions*   when   approaching*   fierce   dogs    .    C     .    He    took   one    look   at   his   fierce   opponent*   and     ran
Detest   2   .
2.نفرت داشتن ،بیزار بودن ،بدامدن از
  A   .    The   world   detests   people   who   are not    valiant*   .
B     .   Wally   was   certain   that    his    girlfriend s    parents    would   detest   him-          . because     he   had   been   a   delinquent*     .
C   .    I   detest   Chinese   food   but   I   wont    deprive*    you   of     the   chance   to   eat   it
3    .    Sneer
3.تمسخر ،ریشخند کردن ،بوز خند کردن
A   .    The   journalists*   were    cautious*   about   sneering    at   the    secretary     of           Defense       .
B   .     "    Wipe     that   sneer   off   your   f a c e   !   "   The   dean   told   the    delinquent*   .
C    .   When    offered    a    dime   as   a    tip  ,   the   taxi   driver    sneered   at   his    rider   .
4   .   Scowl
4.ترشویی کردن ،اخم کردن
A     .  Laverne   scowled   at   her   mother   when   she   was   prohibited*   from    going     Out     .   
B   .  I   dread*   seeing   my   father   scowl   when    he   gets   my   report    card        .
C    .    Because    of    a    defect*   in   her vision,*    it    always     appeared    that    Polly           was     scowling     
5   .    Encourage
5.قوت قالب دادن به ،ترغیب کردن ،دلگرم بودن
A   .  We    encouraged   the   coach   to   devise*   a plan   for   beating    Jefferson    High     .
B    .  Some     unstable*    persons    need    to   be    encouraged    to   find   a    vocation      .
C   .    A valiant*     person rarely *    needs   to    be    encouraged         .
6    .  Consider
6.درنظر گرفتن ،ملاحظه کردن ،بررسی کردن
A     .    Jon   considered     whether    a     comprehensive*    report    was    necessary   ?
B     .  DO    you    considered   that    dress     to    be    a   bargain   at   the   wholesale*    price     .
C     .     The       W r e s tier    was   always   considered   to    be   the   underdog*   in         ever y     .           Match      
7    .      Vermin
7. جانور موذی ، افات جانوری
A    .    O Ne     should   try    to   eliminate*   all    vermin     from    his   or    her    house      .
B     .    Some    reptiles*     eat    vermin    as    their    food      .
C    .     A Il   though     vermin    are    not   always    visible *   they    probably *   ever y           ho u s e     in    the   city    .
8   .     Wail
8.گریه کردن ،شیون کردن ،زاری کردن  
A   .     When    tragedy*     struck,    the   old   people   began   to   wail      .
B   .     In    some    countries   the   women   are    expected    to   wail   loudly    after     their     husbands     die      .
C    .   When   the   Yankees   lost    the   World Series,     there    was   much    wailing    in
  New   York        .  9   .     Symbol
9.مظهر ،نشانه ،علامت
 A   .   The   statue   outside   the   court   building   is   considered*   a   symbol      of       Justice        .
B   .     Symbols      for    God   are   prohibited*   in   the   Jewish     religion      .
C     .    An   olive    branch   is   a   symbol    of      peace         .
9      .     Authority
10.اقتدار ،صلاحیت ،توانایی
A        .     No    one   should   have    the   authority    to   dictate   our   career    choice      .
B   .      Today     a     monarch*    does    not    have    the    authority     he    once   enjoyed   .
C    .    The     Supreme    Court    is    entrusted    with    the    authority     to    interpret      our           constitution     .        
11       .      Neutral
11.خنثی ، بی طرف
A   .    IT    is   logical*   to   remain    neutral   in   a   Violent *   argument          between       Spouses       .            
B   .   Switzerland    was   a    neutral    country    in    world    war   l I    .
C    .   Adolph     did not     reject*    the    idea     but     remained    neutral    about   it      .
12    .    Trifle
12.ناقابل ،اندکی ،یک کم
A   .    I   ate   a   trifle    for    dinner     rather    than    a    vast*    meal     .
B     .     Walter     spends    only   a   trifle    of   his    time    in   studying    French      .
C     .     A Tour    meetings    Alex   always    raises    trifling    objection s   to     any    new     plan.. 
Lesson 25
1    .   Architect
1.    طراح ،معمار ،مهندس ساختمان
A   .   The     famous     architect,    Frank    Lloyd     W right  ,     designed    his    buildings    to  Blend.
   With     their       Surroundings    .
B   .   AN    architect   must   have   a      Know ledge   of   the    materials    that    will    be    used    in   his   structures.
C    .    General    Eisenhower    was    the   architect    of    victory   over   the   Nazis     in       world war l l.
2    .     Matrimony
نکاح ،زناشویی ،ازدواج
A    .   Though   matrimony   is   a   holy    state,    our    local    governments     still    collect    A.     Fee   for   the     marriage     license
B   .   Because   of    lack of    money   ,    the    sweetness    of   their   matrimony    turned sour    .  C    .    Some    bachelors*    find    it    very    difficult    to   give   up   their    freedom    for    the     blessings    of   Ma tri m o n y  ..
3    .    Baggage
3.اثاثیه ،وسایل ،باروبنه ،وسایل سفر
A   .   When    wait     unpacked    his    bag gage   ,     he     found     he      had     forgotten    his           radio   .  .
 B     .      M R   Montez      checked   her   baggage   at    the    station    and   took   the   children    for   a     Walk     .
C    .    The    modern    army   cannot      afford     to    be   slowed    up    with    heavy    baggage
4    .    Squander
4.هدر رفتن ،برباد دادن ،تلف کردن
A     .     Do not     squander     your    money    by    buying    what   you   cannot    Use    .
B       . Because     Freddy    squandered    his    time    watching     television    ,     he   could    not catch   up on   his   homework.
C      .   In    his     will    ,   MR   Larson    warned    his    children    not    to    squander      their Inheritance.   
5     .    Abroad
5. در خارج ،سرزبان ها ،بیرون
A     .     More   people   are   going   abroad   for    vacations.
B     .    Is    there    any    truth    to   the   rumor    abroad     that    school    will    be    open?
_       all summer          C   .    The    news   of    the      president's     illness    spread    abroad.
6   .    Fugitive
6. اراره ،متوالی ،فراری
A     .   Paul    was   a   fugitive    from    the   slums,    abandoned*    by    all   his    friends      .
B      .    After      escaping    from    prison,   tom    led    an    unhappy     life    as    a   fugitive from       the     law     .      
C      .    The    fugitives    from      the    unsuccessful        revolution     were     captured          .
7        .    Calamity
7. بلا ،فاجعه ،مصیبت
A        .     Failure   in     one     test      should    not    be    regarded   as   a   calamity        .
 B         .   The    death   of   her     husband    was    a    calamity     which     left    MRs   .                                Marlowe numb.               _
C        .   What   is    more    dismal*    than    one      calamity     following      upon     the    heels     another?        Of_
8   .     Pauper
8. گدا ،تهی دست ،فقیر
A      .  The   fire    that    destroyed   his   factory   made   M r     .   Bloom son   a     pauper        .
B      .   The     richest    man   is   a    pauper    if    he   has   no   friends      .
C     .   Since     he    was   once   a    pauper    him self,     Max    is   willing   to   help   the    needy When ever    he    can     .
9    .   Envy
9. حسادت ورزیدن  حسودی کردن
A     .      Marilyn, s     selection   as   prom    Queen    made    her    the    envy   of   every     senior
B       .     My    parents     taught   me   not    to    envy   anyone    else, s     wealth
C        .   Our   envy    of    Nora, s   skating     ability    is    foolish    because    with    practice all     of    us   could   do   as    well.
10    .    Collapse
10. متلاشی کردن ، فرو ریختن ، غش کردن
  A     .    A   heavy    flood    caused    the    bridge    to   collapse   .
B    .     His    failure    in   chemistry   meant    the   collapse    of    Bobs   summer     plans    .
C     .   Collapse     the    trays    and    store    them   in   the     closet        .
11     .    Prosecute
11. تحت تعقیب قرار دادن ،دنبال کردن
A      .     Drunken    drivers     should    be     prosecuted     .  
B     .   The     district    attorney    refused    to    prosecute    the    case    for    lack                                     evidence *      . _     Of
C     .    The     general     prosecuted    the    war    with     vigor      .
12    .      Bigamy
12. دوزنی ،دوشوهری ، دو همسری
 A    .    Some     people      look     upon    bigamy    as   double      trouble      .
B      .     MR   Winkle,   looking   at   his   wife, thought    bigamy    was     one     crime    he     would never     be     guilty     of      .
C      .     Some     religious      groups     are    in     favor    of    bigamy    even     though    it    is  Against      the    law    of     the     land    .
  Lesson      26
1   .    Possible
1.    مقدور ریا، امکان بذیر  ،مسیر شدنی
A       .      Call     me   tomorrow    evening    if     possible      .
B    .     It   is    now    possible    for    man    to    walk    on    the    moon   .
C     .        Considering      *     Melissa, s    weakness     in     writing   , it    is    not    possible    for    her
                     .       to        help      you    with    you    composition.
2     .    Compel
2.وادار کردن ، مجبور کردن
A    .    It    is    no t     possible*    to     compel    a    person    to    love    his    fellow     man.
B      .    Heavy     floods    compelled    us    to      stop
C      .    MR G o r l I n     is   a     teacher     who     does     not    have      to    compel    me    to    behave
3   .    A w k ward
3.بدقواره ،بدمناسب ،دست وبا چلفتی
A   .    Sally     is   very   awkward    in    speaking     to     the    class     but    quite     relaxed       with     her    own    group    of    friends
B    .    The     handle     of    this    bulky   *     suitcase    has    an    awkward      shape
C      .      Slow    down     because    this   is   an     awkward   corner    to    turn
4   .   Venture
4.ریسک کردن ، کار مخاطره امیز ،
A    .    Ulysses     was    a    man   who   would   not    reject   *     any    venture  ,    no    matter     how  dangerous.
B    .     John      Jacob      Astor      made      his     fortune      by     a     lucky     venture      in     animal furs.
C    .     Medics      venture      their     lives      to      save       wounded         soldiers.
5      .    Awesome
5. شگفت انگیز ، سخت ،حیرت انگیز 
A       .    The      towering      mountains     ,    covered      with     snow    ,      are     an      awesome     sight.
B     .    Connie      had       such     an     awesome      amount      of      work      to      complete      before Graduation    she     doubted   *    she    would    have    everything    ready    in     time     .
C    .   The    atom      bomb    is    an     awesome     achievement       for      mankind.
6   .    Guide
6.راهنمایی کردن ،راهنما ،هدایت کردن
A      .      Tourists     often    hire    guides.
B      .   The    Indian     guide     the      hunters     through     the     forest.
C    .     Use    the    suggestions     in     the    handbook     as    a    study    guide.
7     .   Quench
7. خاموش کردن ،دفع کردن ،ازمیان بردن
A      .    Foam     will    quench    an    oil    fire
B       .    Only    Pepsi     Cola     will     quench     my    thirst    on    such    a    hot    day.
C       .    He     reads     and    reads    and   reads     to     quench     his     thirst      for      knowledge.
8       .     Betray
8. اشکار کردن ،فاش کردن ، خیانت کردن
A       .    Nicks    awkward   *    motions    betrayed    his    nervousness.
B        .    With out    realizing    what    he    was    doing,   the    talkative    soldier   betrayed
  His   unit   ,     s plans.
C     .  The   child   ,   s eyes      betrayed    his    fear    of    the    fierce *    dog.
9   .   Utter
9. برملا کردن ، برزبان اوردن ، فریاد کشیدن
A    .   When    violet     accidentally    stepped   on    the   nail,     she    uttered   a    sharp
    Cry   of   pain.
B      .   Seth   was    surprised     when    he    was    told    that   he   had    uttered     Joan   , s   name
    . His    sleep          in_
.C   .   When     M r .  Fuller    saw   that    his    house    had   not   been   damaged   in   the   fire
,  he    uttered    a    sigh   of   relief.
10   .   Pacify
10. ارامش برقرار کردن ، ارام کردن ،
A    .   This   toy   should    pacify     that    screaming    baby.
B    .   We   tried   to   pacify   the    woman    who   was   angry   at   having   to    wait    so
Long   in      line _
C   .    Soldiers   were   sent   to   pacify    the    countryside.
11   .   Respond
11. جواب دادن ، واکنش نشان دادن 
A    .   Greg    responded    quickly    to the    question.
B   .   MR   dog    responds    to   every    command    l    give    him.
C   .      M R.         Cole     responded     to   the    medicine   so   well   that   she   was    better    in
   Two    days.
12    .    Beckon
12. با اشاره صدا زدن ، به سوی خود کشاندن
A   .  Jack    beckoned    to   me   to   follow   him.
B      .    The   delicious   smell   of   fresh   bread   beckoned   the   hungry    boy.
C   .   The   sea   beckons    us   to   adventure


Lesson 28
1    .    Outlaw
1.    قانون شکن ، مطرود ، یاغی ، چموش
A    .   Congress   has   outlawed   the   sale   of   certain   drugs.
B     .   The   best   known   outlaw    of   the   American   west   was   Jesse   James.
C       .    An   animal    which    is    cast   out   by   the   rest   of   the   pack   is   known   as   an    Outlaw._
2   .    Promote
2.    ترویج دادن ، تبلیغ کار ، ارتقا یافتن 
A   .   Students   who   pass   the   test   will   be   promoted to   the     next    grade.
B   .   An   accurate*   knowledge   of   other   cultures   will   promote    good   will   among
People   of   different   backgrounds._
C   .   Several    bankers   invested   an   enormous*   sum   of   money   to   promote
   The   idea._
3     .     Undernourished
3.    گرفتار ، سوتغذیه
A    .   The    undernourished   child was so feeble * he   could     hardly    walk.
B    .  There    is    evidence   * that even wealthy people are undernourished_because they do no t ea tsufficientquantities     of       healthful     foods.
C   .     An  infant  that  drinks  enough  milk  will  not  be  undernourished..
4.    Illustrate
4.باتصویر توضیح دادن ، مثال زدن
A .To illustrates how the heart sends blood around the body, the teacher Described    how a pump works.
B. This exhibit* will illustrate the many uses of atomic energy
C .these stories illustrate mark Twains serious side.
5.    Disclose
5.نشان دادن ، نمایان کردن ، فاش کردن
A .T he lifting of the curtain disclosed a beautiful winter scene
B. This letter discloses the source* of his fortune
C. Samson, reclining* in the arms of Delilah disclosed that the secret Of his strength   was in his long hair.
6. Excessive
6.زیاده از حد ، مفرط ، خیلی زیاد
 A. Pollution * of the atmosphere is an excessive price to pay for so_ called progress.
B .Numerous* attempts have been made to outlaw* jet planes that make
 Excessive noise._
C. The inhabitants* of Arizona are unaccustomed* to excessive rain.
7. Disaster
7.بلا ، واقعه ناگوار ، مصیبت ، فاجعه
A .The hurricane's violent* winds brought disaster to the coastal town.
B .T he San Francisco earthquake and the Chicago fire are two of the greatest
Disasters in American history.
C. The coach considered* the captains injury a disaster for the team.
8. Censor
8.مامور ، سانسور کردن
A. Some governments, national and local, censor books.
b. The censor felt that fiction * as well as other books should receive
the stamp of approval before they were put on sale._
c .Any mention of the former prime minister was outlawed* by the censor.
9. Culprit
9.گناهکار ، مقصر ، خاطی
A .who is the culprit who has eaten all the strawberries.
B .T he police caught the culprit with the stolen articles in his car.
C. In the Sherlock Holmes story, the culprit turned out to be a snake.
10. Juvenile
10. جوان ، نوجوان ، درخور جوانی
A. My sister is known in the family as a Juvenile delinquent.
B. Paula is still young enough to wear juvenile fashions.
C .Ellen used to devour* "Cinderella" and other stories for Juveniles.
11. Bait
11.دانه ،طعمه ، وسوسه کردن ،تله
A .The secret of successful trout fishing is finding the right bait.
B. How can you expect to bait Mike into running for the class presidency?
When he has already refused every appeal
C .Eddie is a good hunter because he knows the merit* of each kind of bait for
The  different animals.
12. Insist
12.اصرار داشتن ، اصرار کردن ،
A .mother insists that we do our homework before we start the long telephone conversations.
B .she insisted that Sal was not jealous* of his twin brother.
C .T he doctor insisted that Marian get plenty of rest after the operation.

Lesson 29
1.    Toll
2.    1.زحمت کشیدن ، کار برزحمت ، تقلا کردن
A. The feeble* old man tolled up the hill.
B .After years of toll, scientists disclosed* that they had made progress in controlling the dreaded* disease.
C. Despite* all his toll, Fred never succeeded in reaching his goal.
2. Blunder
2.اشتباه کردن ،سهو ،اشتباه لیبی
A. The exhausted* boy blundered through the woods.
B. Bert's awkward* apology* could not make up for his serious blunder.
C .The generals blunder forced his army to a rapid* retreat.
3.    Daze
4.    3.گیج کننده ،نور خیره کننده ،مبهوت کردن
a. The severity* of the blow dazed the fighter and led to his defeat.
B .when he ventured* out of the house at night, the child was dazed by the noise and the lights.
C .Dazed by the flashlight, Maria blundered* down the steps.
5.    Mourn
6.    4.ماتم گرفتن ، عزاداری
A .Sandra did not cease* to mourn her lost friend.
B .The entire city mourned for the people lost in the calamity.
C. We need not mourn over trifles.
5. Subside
5.نشست کردن ، فرو کش شدن ، نشست کردن 
A. After the excessive* rains stopped, the flood waters subside db .The waves subside when the winds ceased* to blow.
C .Danny's anger subsided when the culprit* apologized.
7.    Maim
8.    6.علیل شدن ،کسی را معیوب کردن
A. Auto accidents maim many persons each year.
B .Though he went through an awesome* experience in the crash, Fred was not seriously maimed.
C .Car manufacturers insist* that seat belts can prevent the maiming of passengers in the event of a crash
.Comprehend 7.
7.دریافتن ، فهمیدن
A .If you can use a word correctly, there is a good chance that you comprehend it.
B .you need not be a pauper* to comprehend fully what hunger is.
C. My parents say that they cannot comprehend to day's music.
8 .C commend
8.ستودن ،ستایش کردن ، تمجید کردن
A .Everyone commended the mayors thrifty* suggestion.
B .Florence commended the baby to her aunt's care.
C .The truth is that we all like to be commended for good work.
9.    Final
10.    9.اخرین ،قطعی ،نهایی 
A .The final week of the term is rapidly* approaching.
B .Jose was commended* for his improvement in the final test.
C .The final censor* of our actions is our own conscience.
11.    Exempt
10.معاف کردن ،بخشیدن
A .Our school exempts right pupils from final* exams.
B .S school property is exempt from most taxes.
C .Juvenile* offenders are not exempt from punishment.
Vain  11.
11.بیهوده ،عبث ، بی فایده9
A .Josephine is quite vain about her beauty.
B .To be Defective frank. I do not see what she has to be vain about.
C .Brian made numerous* vain attempts to reach the doctor by telephone.
12.    Repetition
13.    12.باتزگویی ،تکرار
A .The repetition of new words in this book will help you to learn them.
B .Any repetition of such unruly* behavior will be punished.
C .After a repetition of his costly mistake, Jerry was fired from his job
Lesson 30
1.    Depict
1.شرح دادتن، مجسم کردن ،نمایش دادن
A. The artist and the author both tried to depict the sunset's beauty.
B .Mr. Salinger depicted the juvenile* character with great accuracy.
C .The extent of the disaster * can scarcely* be depicted in words.
2.    Mortal
2.فانی ،کشنده ،مهلک ،دشمن مرگبار
A .W e must live with the knowledge that all living creatures are mortal.
B .His rash* venture* brought him to a mortal illness.
C .The two monarchs* were mortal enemies.
3.    Novel
3.نو ،جدید ،نوین ،رمان
A .The architect* created a novel design which pleased everyone.
B. The novel plan caused some unforeseen* problems.
C. Robert was commended* by his teacher for the excellent report on the American novel, The Grapes of Wrath.
4. Occupant
4. مستاجر ،سرنشین ،ساکن ،مسافر
A .A feeble* old woman was the only occupant of the shack.
B .The will disclose* that the occupant of the estate was penniless.
C .The occupant of the car beckoned*us to follow him.
4.    Appoint
5.منصوب کردن ،اختصاص دادن ، گماشتن
A .The library was appointed as the best place for the urgent* meeting.
B .Though Mr. Thompson was appointed to a high position, he did not neglect* his old friends.
C.  The occupant* of the well-appointed guest room considered* himself quite fortunate.
6. Quarter
6. اسکان دادن ، محله ، بخش
A .The large family was unaccustomed* to such small quarters.
B .Ellen moved to the French Quarter of our city.
c. The city quartered the paupers* in an old school.
7. Site
مقر ،مکان ،جا
A .The agent insisted* that the house had one of the best sites in town.
B .we were informed by our guide* that a monument would be built on the site of the historic battle.
C .For the site of the new school, the committee preferred an urban location.  8. Quote
8. اعلام کردن ،قیمت دادن ،نقل قول
. A .she often sites her spouse* to prove a point
B .The stockbroker quoted gold at a dollar off yesterday's closing price.
c. Biblical quotes offer a unique* opportunity for study.
9. Verse
9.ایه ،نظم ،شعر
A .The verse from the Bible which my father quoted* most frequently was"love the neighbor as thyself."
B .Several s verse of a religious nature was contained in the document.  c. Though it is not always easy to comprehend* Shakespeare's verse has merit* that is worth the toil
10. Morality
10.اصول اخلاقی ،سیرت ،اخلاقیت
A .The editor* spoke on the morality of "bugging" the quarters* of a political opponent.
B .we rarely consider * the morality of our daily actions though that should occupy* a high position in our thinking.
C .Kenny's unruly* behavior has nothing to do with his lack* of morality.
11. Roam
11. بی هدف گشتن ،بلکیدن
A .In the days of the wild west, outlaws* roamed the country.
B .A variety* of animals once roamed our land.
C .The bachelor* promised his girlfriend that he would roam no more.
12. Attract
12. جلب کردن ، جذب کردن ،
A .The magnet attracted the iron particles.
B .Adventure was the thrill which attracted the famous mountain climber to the jagged* peak.
C. A glimpse* into the brightly colored room attracted the children's attraction. 
Lesson 31
1.    Commuter
1.مسافر هرروزه بین خانه ومحل کار
A. The average commuter would welcome a chance to live in the vicinity Of his or her work.
 .B . Have your commuters ticket verified* by the conductor
C. A novel* educational program gives college credit to commuters who listen to a lecture while they are traveling to work.
2. Confine
2.زندانی کردن ،اسیر کردن ،مخفی کردن
A. The fugitive* was caught and confined to jail for another two years.
B .A virus that was circulating* in the area confined Al to his house.
C. Polio confined President Roosevelt to a wheelchair.
3. I die
3. تنبل بیکار ،ول گشتن
A .Any attempt to study was abandoned* by the student, who idled away
The  morning.
B. The idle hours of a holiday frequently* provide the best time to take stock.
C .Do not deceive * yourself into thinking that these are just idle rumors.
5.    Idol
4. محبوب ،صنم ،بت
A. This small metal idol illustrates* the art of ancient Rome.
B .John Wayne was the idol of many young people who liked cowboy movies.
C .scientists are still trying to identify* this idol found in the ruins.  5. J EST
6.    مزاح ،شوخی ،دست انداختن
A .Though he spoke in jest, mark was undoubtedly* giving us a message.
B .Do not jests about matters of morality.
C .In some quarters* honesty and hard work have become subjects of jest.
7.    Patriotic
6. میهن برست ،وطن برست
 A. It is patriotic to accept your responsibilities to your country.
B .The patriotic attitude of the captive* led him to refuse to cooperate with the enemy.  C. s patriotic statement has often been quoted:*"I regret that I have but one life to give for my country. ".
8.    Dispute
7. جدال کردن ،بحث کردن ، مقاومت کردن
A. Our patriotic* soldiers disputed every inch of ground during the battle.
B. The losing team dispute the contest up until the final* minute of play.  c. Many occupants* of the building were attracted* by the noisy dispute.  8. Valor
8. دلیری ، شجاعت ،دلاوری
A .The valor of the Vietnam veterans deserves the highest commendation.
B .No one will dispute* the valor of washing tons men at Valley Forge.
C .The fireman's valor in rushing into the foaming house saved the occupants from a horrid* fate.  9. Lunatic
9. بیما روانی ، دیوانه ، جنون امیز
A. Only a lunatic would willingly descend* into the monsters cave.
B .Certain lunatic ideas persist* even though they have been rejected by all logical* minds.
c. My roommate has some lunatic ideas about changing the world.
9.    Vein
10.    10. سیاهرگ ،رگ ،سنگ معدن
In a rock filled with a different mineral
A. A vein of lunacy* seemed to run in the family.
B .Mario's wrist was severely* cut by the rock causing his vein to bleed heavily.
C. Explorations disclosed* the rich vein of copper in the mountain.
11. Uneventful
11. یکنواخت ،عادی ، بدون هیجان
A .After the variety* of bewildering* experiences at the start of our trip, we were happy that the rest of the journey was uneventful. 
b .our annual* class outing proved quite uneventful.
C .The meeting seemed uneventful but expert observers realized that important decisions were being made. 
12. Fertile
12. بارور ، حاصلخیز ، خلاق
A. Chicks hatch from fertile eggs.
B .The loss of their fertile lands threw the farmers into a panic.
C .A fertile mind need never be uneasy* about finding life uneventful.

Lesson    32
1.    Refer
1.فرستادن ،اشاره کردن ، محول کردن
A .lat us refer the dispute* to the dean.
B .our teacher referred us to the dictionary for the meanings of the difficult words in the novel.
C. The speaker referred to a verse in the bible to support his theory.  2. Distress
2.فشار ، رنج ،اندوه
A. The family was in great distress over the accident that maimed Kenny. 
 B.  My teacher was distressed by the dismal performance of our class on the final*examination.
 c. Long. unscheduled delays at the station cause distress to commuters.
3. Diminish
3.کاهش دادن ، کاهش یافتن ، تحلیل یافتن
A. The excessive*heat diminished as the sun went down.
B. our diminishing supply of food was carefully wrapped and placed with the baggage.
C. The latest news from the battlefront confirms* the report of diminishing military activity.  4. Maximum
4.حداکثر ، بیشتر ، اخرین حد
A. Chris acknowledged* that the maximum he had ever walked in one day was fifteen miles.  B. We would like to exhibit*this rare* collection to the maximum number of visitors.  C. the committee anticipated* the maximum attendance of the first day of the performance
5. Flee
5. نابود شدن ،محو کردن ، فرار کردن
A. The fleeing outlaws* were pursued* by the police.
b. One could clearly see the clouds fleeing before the wind.
C. The majority *of students understand that they cannot flee from their responsibilities.   6. Vulnerable
6. حساس ، ضعیف ، شکننده
A. Achilles was vulnerable only in his heel.
B. the investigator s nimble* mind quickly located the vulnerable spot in the defendant, s alibi.  c . A vulnerable target for thieves is a solitary*traveler.
7. Signify
7.نشان دادن ، نشانه چیزی بودن
A. "oh" Signifies surprise.
B. a gift of such value signifies more than a casual*relationship.
C. the word fragile * stamped on a carton signifies that it must be handled with caution.  8. My theology
8.اسطوره شناسی، اساطیر
A .The story of Proserpina and Ceres explaining the seasons is typical of Greek mythology.
B .From a study of mythology we can conclude* that the ancients were concerned with the wonders of nature.  c .ancient mythology survives* to this day in popular * expressions such as" Herculean task "or "Apollo project".
9. Collesgue
9. هم کار ، هم قطار
a. The captain gave credit for the victory to his valiant* colleague.
B .who would have predicted * that our pedestrian* colleagues would one day win the Nobel Prize for medicine?   c .we must rescue our colleagues from their wretched* condition.
11.    Torment
12.    10. عذاب دادن ، رنج دادن ، درد
A .persistent* headaches tormented him.
B .The illustrations in our history text show the torments suffered by the victims of the French revolution.  c .T he logical* way to end the  torment of doubt over the examination is to spend adequate* time in study.
11. Provide
11. فراهم کردن ، شرط دادن ، اماده کردن
A .How can we provide job opportunities for all our graduates.
B .Hal said he would bring the ball provided he would be allowed to pitch.  c .The government is obligated , among other things to provide for the common welfare and secure the blessings of peace for all citizens.   12. Loyalty
13.    وفاداری ، صداقت ،
A .The monarch* referred* to his knights loyalty with pride.
B .Nothing is so important to transmit* to the youth as the sacredness of loyalty to one's country.
C .out of a sense of loyalty to his friends, Michael was willing to suffer torments * and he, therefore, refused to identify* his colleagues* in the plot. 
 Lesson 33
1.    Volunteer
1.داوطلب شدن ،داوطلبانه
A .The draft has been abolished* and replaced by a volunteer army.
B .Terry did not hesitate* to volunteer for the most difficult jobs.
C. The boys were reluctant* to volunteer their services to help clean up after the dance.
2. Prejudice
2.تعصب داشتن ، لطمه زدن ، تعصب
A .Prejudice against minority* groups will linger* on as long as people ignore* the facts.
B .Eliminating* prejudice should be among the first concerns of a democracy.
C .The witness's weird* behavior prejudiced Nancy's case.
2.    Shrill
3.    3.تند تیز ، گوش خراش
A .Despite* their small size, crickets make very shrill noises.
B .The shrill whistle of the policeman was warning enough for the fugitive* to stop in his tracks.
C.  A shrill torrent* of insults poured from the mouth of the shrieking woman.
4. Jolly
4.خوشحال، سرکیف ، بانشاط
A. The jolly old man, an admitted bigamist* had forgotten to mention his first wife to his new spouse.  B .when the jolly laughter subsided,* the pirates began the serious business of dividing the gold.  C. Are you aware* that a red-suited,* gentleman with a jolly twinkle in his eyes is stuck in the chimney.
5. Witty
5.شوخ ، بذله گو ، بامزه
A .Mr. Carlson's witty introduction qualifies* him as a first-rate speaker.  B .Fay is too slow to appreciate such witty remarks
c. The lawyer tried to prosecute* the case by being witty and thereby entertaining the jury.
6. Hinder
6.جلوگیری کردن ، مانع شدن ، سد راه شدن
A .Deep mud hindered travel in urban* centers.
b. The storm hindered the pursuit* of the fleeing prisoners.
C .Mona's gloomy * nature hinders her relationships with other people.
6.    Lecture
7.    7. سخنرانی ، کنفرانس درس ، نطق کردن
A .Rarely* have I heard a lecture with such clear illustrations.
B. Henrys father lectured him on the awesome* perils* of drug addiction. 
C. A famous journalist* delivered a lecture on prejudice* in the press.
8. Abuse
8. بد رفتاری کردن ، سو استفاده کردن
 A. Those who abuse the privileges of the honor system will be penalized. 
B .The editor* apologized* for the abuse we had suffered as a result of his article. 
c. Brutal*abuse of children in the orphanage was disclosed* by the investigation.
9. Mumble
9. زیر لب چیزی گفتن ، زمزمه کردن
A .Ricky mumbled his awkward* apology.
B .This speech course will encourage* you to stop mumbling and to speak more distinctly.
C. When the witness continued to mumble, the judge asked him to speak Up.  10. Mute
10. بی صدا ، ارام ، ساکت
A .The usually defiant* child stood mute before the principal.
B .people are no longer willing to remain mute on the subject of abuse of gun control.  C. The horror of the famine * left the inhabitants* of the land mute with their tragic* memories.
11. Wad
11.دسته ،بسته ، توب
A. To decrease* the effects of the pressure, the diver put wads of cotton in his ears.  B .The officer challenged* George to explain the wad of fifty dollars which he had in his pocket.  C .Because the automatic firing mechanism was defective,* the hunter had to wad the powder into the gun by hand.  12. Retain
12.حفظ کردن ، نگه داشتن ، استخدام کردن 
A .Despite* her lack* of funds Mrs. Reilly retained a detective* to follow her spouse.  B .china dishes have the unique* quality* of retaining heat longer than metal pans.  C .like the majority* of people, I can retain the tune but not the words of a song. 
Lesson      34
1.    Candidate
1.داوطلب ، نامزد
A .We can have a maximum* of four candidates for the office of president.  B .Each candidate for mayor seemed confident* he would be victorious.
C .The candidate took every precaution* to avoid* mentioning his opponent* by name.
2.    Precede
2.برتر بودن ، مقدم بودن بر ،
A .Lyndon   Johnson preceded Richard Nixon as president.
B. Ina gallant* gesture, Ronnie allowed Amanda's name to precede his in the program listing. 
C. A prominent* speaker preceded the ceremony of the granting of the diplomas  3. Adolescent
3.بلوغ ، نوجوانی ، رشد
A. In his adolescent years, the candidate* claimed, he had undergone many hardships.
b. There is a fiction * abroad* that every adolescent is opposed to tradition.  c .our annual* Rock Festival attracts* thousands of adolescents.
4. Coeducational
4.مختلط ،دخترانه وبسرانه
A .There has been a massive* shift to coeducational schools.
B .Coeducational institutions, once thought to have a disruptive* effect have been found to be beneficial.  c .In choosing a college, Ned leans toward schools which are coeducational.  5. Radical
5.افراطی ، تندرو ، اساسی
A. The tendency* to be vicious* and cruel is a radical fault.
B .We observes that the interest in radical views is beginning to subside.  c. Because Richard was a radical the conservative party would not accept him as a candidate.  6. Spontaneous
6.خود انگیز ، خود به خود
A .The vast* crowd burst into spontaneous cheering at the skillful play.
B. Be cautious* with these oily rags because they can break out in spontaneous flame.  C .William's spontaneous resentment* at the mention of his sister was noted by the observant* teacher.  7. Skim
7.نگاه اجمالی انداختن ، رویه شیر را برداشتن
A. This soup will be more nourishing* if you do not skim off the fat.
B .I caught a glimpse* of mark and merge skimming over the ice.
C. Detective Corby, assigned to the homicide,* was skimming through the victim's book of addresses  8 .Vaccinate
8. واکسینه کردن ، واکسن زدن
A .There has been a radical* decline in polio since doctors began to vaccinate children with the
 Salk vaccine.  
B .The general population* has accepted the need to vaccinate children against the once-dreaded* disease.
 C .Numerous* examples persist* of people who have neglected* to have their infants vaccinated.  9. Untidy
9.نامرتب ، اشفته ، شلخته
A. The bachelors quarters* were most untidy.
B .we must start a clean-up campaign to keep the campus* from being so untidy.  . c. Finding the house in such an untidy condition baffled* us
10. Utensll
10.ظروف ، ابزار ، وسایل
A. Several Utensils were untidily* tossed about the kitchen.
B .Edwards baggage* contained all the utensils he would need on the camping trip.
C .Some people are so old-fashioned that they reject* the use of any modern utensil.   11. Sensitive
11.زود رنج ،حساس
A. The eye is sensitive to light.
B .From the experiment we may conclude* that mercury in a thermometer is sensitive to changes in temperature.
C .James is sensitive about his wretched* hand writing.
12. Temperate
12.میانه رو ، ملایم ، معتدل
A .The United States is mostly in the North Temperate Zone.
B. All students received the appeal* to be temperate and not to jump to conclusions* in judging the new grading system.  C .Mrs. Rollins commended* her class for their temperate attitude when she announced the extra assignment. 
Lesson 35
1.    Vague
1.نامشخص ، سربسته ، مبهم
A .Joe's position was vague because he wanted to remain neutral* in the dispute.
B. when asked her opinion, Gladys was tactful* enough to give a vague answer that did not hurt anyone.
C . The vague shape in the distance proved to be nothing more weird* than a group of trees.
2.    Elevate
2.بالا بردن ، ترفیع دادن ، بلند کردن
A. Private Caro was elevated to higher rank for his valor.
. b. Reading a variety* of good books elevates the mind
C. The candidate* spoke from an elevated platform
3. Lottery
3.بخت ازمایی ، قرعه کشی
 A. The merit* of a lottery is that everyone has an equal chance
B. we thought that a lottery was an absurd* way of deciding who should be the team captain.
C. The rash* young man claimed the lottery prize only to find he had misread his number.
4. Finance
4. بودجه چیزی را تامین کردن ، امور مالی
A. The new employee* boasted of his skill in finance.
B .Frank circulated* the rumor that his uncle would finance his way through college.
 C. Mrs. Giles retained* a lawyer to handle her finance
5. Obtain
5. بدست اوردن ، گرفتن ، فراهم کردن
A . An adolescent* is finding it increasingly difficult to obtain a good job without a diploma
b. David obtained accurate* information about college from his guidance counselor.
 C .Because this is a coeducational* school, different rules obtain here.
5.    Clnema
6. تماشاخانه ، سینما
A. Censors* have developed a rating system for the cinema.
B .T o days cinema is full of homicides* and violence.
C .A best-seller is often the source* of cinema stories.
6.    Event
7.رخداد ، حادثه ، مسابقه
A .The greatest event in Ellice's life was winning the $50,000 lottery.
B .We chose our seat carefully and then awaited the shot-put event.
C .There is merit* in gaining wisdom even after the event.
7.    Discard
8.    8. دور انداختن ، ترک کردن
A. Anna casually* discarded one boy friend after another.
B .confident* that he held a winning hand, slim refused to   discard anything.
C .Asked why he had discarded his family traditions,* Mr. Mensal remained mute.
9.    Soar
9.بالا رفتن ، اوج گرفتن
A .we watched the soaring eagle skim* over the mountain peak.
B. An ordinary man cannot comprehend* such soaring ambition.
C .The senator's hopes for victory soared after his television appearance.
10.    Subsequent
10.بعدی ، متعاقب ، بعد
A .subsequent events* proved that Sloan was right
B .Further explanations will be presented in subsequent lectures.
c. Though the enemy forces resisted* at first, they subsequent learned that their efforts were in vain.
11. Relate
11.بازگو کردن ، گزارش کردن ، شرح دادن
A .The traveler related his adventures with some exaggeration.
B .After viewing the cinema's latest show, the observant student was able to relate every detail?
C . would you say that misfortune* is related to carelessness.
11.    Stationary
12.ساکن ، بی حرکت ، ثابت
A. A factory engine is Stationary.
B .The population * of our town has been Stationary for a decade.
 C. caught in the middle of traffic, the frightened pedestrian* remained Stationary in the busy street.

Lesson 36
1.    Prompt
1.به فعالیت وا داشتن ، سریع ، فوری
A. Be prompt in assembling* your baggage.
B .Terry's caution * prompted him to ask many questions before he consented.
C .Larry was confident* he knew his lines well enough not to need any prompting.
2.    Hasty
2.شتابزده ، عجول
A. A hasty glance* convinced him that he was being followed.
B. Rather than make a hasty decision, Mr. Torres rejected * the offer.
C .Myra apologized* for the hasty visit.
3.    Scorch
3.سوختن ، خشک شدن ،
A .The not iron scorched the tablecloth.
B .Farmers reported that their wheat was being scorched by the fierce rays of the sun.
 C .Mr. Regan gave the class a scorching lecture* on proper behavior in the cafeteria.
4.    Tempest
4.هیاهو ، توفان ، هیجان
A .The tempest drove the ship on the rocks.
B .following the weather report of the approaching* tempest, we were prompted* to seek immediate shelter.
C .when Mr. couched saw that a tempest was brewing over the issue, he hastily* called a meeting.
5.    Soothe
5.دلجویی کردن ، ارام کردن ، تسکین دادن
A. With an embrace* the mother soothed the hurt child.
B .Heat soothe some aches: cold soothes others.
C. Rosalie's nerves were soothed by the soft music.
6. Sympathetic
6.موافق ، شفیق ، غمخوار
. A .Judge Cruz was sympathetic to the lawyer's plea* for mercy
b. Father was fortunately* sympathetic to my request to use the car on weekends.
C .we were all sympathetic to Suzanne over her recent* misfortune.
6.    Redeem
7.فک رهن کردن ، باز خریدن ، از سر گرفتن
A .The property on which money has been lent is redeemed when the loan is paid back.
B. My family was relieved* to hear that the mortgage had been redeemed.
C .Mr. Franklin promptly* redeemed his promise to help us in time of need.
7.    Resume
8.از سر گرفتن، دوباره به دست اوردن
A. Resume reading where we left off.
B .Those standing may resume their seats.
C .the violinist resumed playing after the intermission.
8.    Harmony
9.سازگاری ، هم نوایی ، توافق
 A. we hoped the incident would not disrupt* the harmony that existed between the brothers.
B .I am sympathetic* to warren because his plans are in harmony with mine.
C .we responded* to the harmony of the song by humming along.
9.    Refrain
10.خود داری کردن ، اجتناب کردن ، دوری کردن
A. Refrain from making hasty* promises.
B .Milo could not refrain from laughing at the jest.
c. If you want to be heard, you must refrain form mumbling.
11. Illegal
11.غیر قانونی ، نامشروع ، غیر مجاز
A. It is illegal to reveal * the names of juvenile* delinquents
B .Bigamy* is illegal in the United States.
C .M r .Worthington's stock manipulations* led to his jail sentence.
12.    Narcotic
12. مخدر ، مسکن ، ماده مخدر ،
A. opium is a powerful narcotic.
B .we do not have adequate* knowledge of the narcotic properties of these substances.
C. The doctor prescribed a narcotic medicine to soothe * the patient's suffering.
Lesson 37
1.    heir
1.ارث ، میراث بر
A. Though Mr.  Sloane is the heir to a gold mine, he lives like a miser.
b. The monarch* died before he could name an heir to the throne.
c .It is essential* that we locate the rightful heir at once.
2.    Majestic
2.بزرگ ، باشکوه ، شاهانه
A .The lion is the most majestic creature of the jungle.
B. in    Greek my theology* tm. Olympus was the majestic home of the gods.
C .The graduates marched into the auditorium to the music of the majestic symphony.
3.    Dwindle
3.تحلیل رفتن ، تدریجا ، کم شدن
A .Our supply of unpolluted* water has dwindle.
B .With no visible * signs of their ship hopes for the men's safety dwindled with each passing hour
C .After the furious tempest * the dwindling chances of finding the raft vanished* entirely
4.    Surplus
4.زاید ، مازاد ، اضافه
A .The bank keeps a large surplus of money in reserve.
B. Surplus wheat cotton and soybeans are shipped abroad.
C .No mortal* ever considers that he has a surplus of good things.
5.    Traitor
5.وطن فروش ، خیانتکار
A .The patriot* sneered* when asked to stand on the same platform with the man who was accused of being a traitor.
B. No villain * is worse than a traitor who betrays* his country.
C .Do not call him a traitor unless you can verify* the charge.
6.    Deliberate
6.سنجیده ، حساب شده ، تعمق کردن
A.  Recon, s excuse was a deliberate lie.
B .My grandfather walks with deliberate. Traitor
C .Judge silica deliberate for a week before making his decision known
7.    Vandal
7.خرابکار ، ویرانگر ، مخرب
 A .Adolescent* vandals wrecked the cafeteria
B .The vandals deliberately* ripped the paintings fromthe wall
C .we could scarcely* believe the damage caused by the vandals
8.    Drought
8.بی بارانی ، خشکی ، خشکسالی
A. Because of the drought, some   farmers began to migrate* to more fertile* regions
B .In time of drought, the crops become scorched.
C .As the drought wore on people began to grumble against those who had squandered* water when it was more plentiful
9.    Abide
9. ایستادگی ، ساکن شدن ، تاب اوردن
A. The team decided unanimously * to   abide by the captain's ruling
B. senator Ervin abided by his promise not to allow demonstrations in the committee room
C. My mother cannot abide dirt and ver.
10.  Unify
10.یکی شدن ، وحدت شدن ، یکسان شدن
A .The novel * traces the developments that unified the family.
b. After the civil war our country became unified more strongly.
c. It takes a great deal of training to unify all these recruits into an enticement fighting machine.
11. Summit
11.اوج ، نوک ، قله
A .we estimated* the summit of the mountain to be twenty thousand feet.
B. Do not underestimate* Ruth's ambition to reach the summit of the acting profession.
C. The summit meeting of world leaders diminished* the threat* of war.
12.  Heed
12.اعتنا کردن ، محل گذاشتن ، اعتنا
A. I demand that you need what l say.
B .Florence pays no need to what the signs say.
C .Take need and be on guard against those who try to deceive* you.
Lesson 38
1.    Diography
1.زندگی نامه ، شرح حال ، سرگذشت
A. Our teacher recommended* the biography of the architect* Frank Lloyd Wright.
B .The reading of a biography gives a knowledge of people and events * that can not always be obtained* from history books.
C. The biography of Malcolm x is a popular * book in our school.
2. Drench
2.خیساندن ، اب دادن
 A. A heavy rain drenched the campus* and the students had to dry out their wet clothing.
b. The drenching rains resumed* after only one day of sunshine.
c. His fraternity friends tried to drench him but he was too clever for them.
3. Swarm
3.گروه ، دسته ، ازدحام ، هجوم اوردن
A. As darkness approached* the swarms of children playing in the park dwindled* to a handful.
B .The mosquitoes swarmed out of the swamp.
c. Our campus * swarmed with new students in September.
4. Wobble
4.تکان دادن ، وول خوردن ، لق زدن
A .little Perry thrust* his feet into the oversized shoes and wobble d over to the table.
b. Ababa wobbles when it begins to walk alone.
C .Lacking experience on the high wire, the clown wobbles along until he reached the safety of the platform.
4.    Tumult
5.اشوب ، هیاهو ، جنجال ، غوغا
A. The sailors, voices were too feeble* to be hearer above the tumult of the storm.
B .There was such a tumult in the halls we concluded* an accident had occurred.
C .The dreaded* cry of "Fire!" caused a tumult in the theatre.
6 .N eel
6.به زانو افتادن ، زانو زدن
A. Myra knelt down to pull a weed from the drenched* flower bed.
B .The condemned* man knelt before the monarch* and pleaded* for mercy.
C .kneeling over the still figure, the lifeguard tried to revive* him.
8.    D ejected
7.محزون و مغموم ،  افسرده
A .his biography* related* that Edison was not dejected by failure.
B .The defeated candidate* felt dejected and scowled* when asked for an interview.
C .There is no reason to be dejected because we did not get any volunteers.
9.    Obedient
8.فرمانبردار ، مطیع ، سر به راه
A .The obedient dog came when his master beckoned.
B .Obedient to his father's wishes, Guy did not explore* any further.
C. When parents make reasonable requests of them, the majority of my friends are Obedient.
9. Recede
9.عقب کشیدن ، دور شدن ، کنار کشیدن
A. As you ride past in a train, you have the unique* feeling that houses and trees are Receding.
B .Mr. Ranford's beard conceals* his Receding chin.
c. Always cautious,* Mr. Cache Receded from his former opinion.
10. Tyrant
10.ستمگر ، حاکم ، ادم ظالم
A. Some tyrants of Greek cities were mild and fair rulers.
B .The tyrant demanded loyalty* and obedience* from his subjects.
C. Though Ella was a tyrant as director of the play, the whole cast was grateful* to her when the final curtain came down.
11. Charity
11.نیکو کاری ، دستگیری ، صدقه
A. A free hospital is a noble charity.
B. the entire community is the beneficiary* of Henry's charity.
C. The hired hand was too proud to accept help or charity.
12. Verdict
12.حکم ، رای
A .The jury returned a verdict of guilty for the traitor.
b. We were cautioned* not to base our verdict on prejudice.
C .Baffled* by the verdict, the prosecutor* felt that the evidence* had been ignored.
Lesson 39
1.    Unearth
1.از زیر خاک در اوردن ، حفاری کردن ، کشف کردن
A .The digging of the scientists unearthed a buried city.
B .A plot to defraud* the investor was unearthed by the F.B.I.
C .The museum exhibited* the vase which had been unearthed in Greece.
2.    Depart
2.راهی شدن ، روانه شدن ، حرکت کردن
. A. We shrived in the village in the morning and departed that night
B. Stan was vague* about departing from his usual manner of choosing a partner.
c. Vera was reluctant * to mention that her uncle had long sine departed
3. Coincide
3.همزمان بودن ، باهم بودن ، مصادف شدن
A. If these triangles were placed one on top of the other, they would coincide.
B. Because Pete's and Jim's working hours coincide, and they live in the same vicinity* they depart* from their homes at the same time.
C. My verdict* on the film coincides with Adele's.
4. Cancel
4.حذف کردن ، لغو کردن ، خط زدن
A. The stamp was only partially * canceled.
B .Because the first shipment contained defective* parts, Mr. Sweden canceled the rest of the order.
C. Having found just the right man for the job, captain Mellitus canceled all further interviews.
5. Debtor
5.مدین ، وامدار ، بدهکار
A. If I borrow a dollar from you, I am your debtor.
B. As a debtor who had received many favors from the banker, Mr. Mertz was reluctant * to testify against him..
C. A gloomy* debtor's prison was once the fate of those who could not repay their loans.
6. Legible
6.قابل خواندن ، خوانا ، روشن
A. Julia's handwriting is beautiful and legible.
B .Nancy hesitated* in her reading because the words were scarcely* legible.
c. Our teacher penalizes* us for compositions which are not legible.
7. Placard
7.بلاکارد ، اعلامیه ، بوستر
A. Colorful placards announced an urgent* meeting.
B. Placards were placed throughout the neighborhood by rival* groups.
C. Numerous * placards appeared around the city calling for volunteers.
8. Contagious
8.مسری ، واگیر دار ، الوده
A. Scariest fever is contagious that yawning is often contagious.
C. Interest in the project was contagious and soon all opposition to it collapsed.
9. Clergy
9.روحانیون ، کشیش ، مرد روحانی
A. We try never to hinder * the clergy as they perform their sacred* tasks.
B. Friar Tuck was a member of the clergy who loved a jolly* jest.
C. The majority* of the clergy felt the new morality* was a menace* to society.
10. Customary
10.متداول ، رایج ، مرسوم ، معمول
A. It was customary for wealthy Romans to recline* while they were dining.
B. the Beatles, movie received the customary rave* reviews from the critics.
C. The traitor8 rejected8 the customary blindfold for the execution Transparent (Trans par, end) easily seen through.
11. Clear
11.اشکار ، روشن ، واضح
a. Window glass is transparent.
B. Colonel Thomas is a man of transparent honesty and loyalty.
C. The homicide* was a transparent case of jealousy* that got out of hand.
12. Scald
12.با ابگرم سوزاندن ، با اب گرم شستن
A. do not neglect* to Scald the dishes before drying them.
B. The Scalding lava pouring from the mountain placed everyone in peril.
C .By being hasty* Stella Scald her hand.
Lesson 40
1.    Epidemic
1.همه گیر ، مسری ، عالمگیر
A. Aloft the schools in the city were closed during the epidemic.
B .The depiction * of violence* in the movies has reached epidemic proportions.
C. During the epidemic we were forbidden* to drink water unless it had been boiled.
2. Obesity
2.چاقی ، فربهی
A. obesity is considered* a serious disease.
B .the salesman factually* referred* to Jack, obesity as "stoutness.
C .At the medical convention the topic * discussed was the prevention of obesity.
2.    Magnify
3. بزرگ جلوه دادن ، درشت کردن
A. A microscope* is a magnifying glass.
B. It seems that Mr. Steinmetz magnified the importance of the document- in his possession.
C. Some people have a tendency* to magnify every minor* fault in others.
4. Chilopractor
4.طبیب مفصلی
A .The chiropractor tried to relieve* the pain by manipulating* the spinal column.
B .Mrs. Lehrer confirmed* that a chiropractor had been treating her.
C .The chiropractor recommended not baths between treatments.

5.    Obstacle
5.مانع ،سد
A. The soldiers were compelled *to get over such obstacles as ditches and barbed wire.
B. Ignorance* is an obstacle to progress.
C. Prejudice* is often an obstacle to harmony* among people.
6. Ventilate
6.تهویه کردن ، مطرح کردن 
A. We ventilate d the kitchen by opening the windows.
B. The lungs ventilate the blood.
C. There is merit* in Ventilating the topic* of the prom before the entire senior class.
7. Jeopardize
7.به خطر انداختن ، ریسک کردن ، به مخطره انداختن
A. Soldiers jeopardize their lives in war.
B .Mr. Marcos revised* his opinion of police officers after town of them had jeopardized their lives to save his drowning child.;
C. Though it jeopardized his chance for a promotion* Mr. Rafael ventured * to criticize his boss.
9. Negative
8.منفی ، نگاتیو
A. The captain gave a negative response* to the request for a leave.
b. Three below zero is a negative quantity.
C .A negative image is used to print a positive picture.
10.    Pension
9.مقرری ، مستمری ، جیره ، 
A. Pensions are often paid because of long service, special merit* or injuries received.
B. The pension is calculated* on the basis of your last year's income.
 C. Mrs. Colby pensioned off her employee after thirty years of loyal * service.
1. Vital
10.بسیار مهم ، ضروری ، واجب ، شدید
A. We must preserve* and protect our Vital resources.
B. Eating is a Vital function, the obese* man reminded me.
C. The valiant* soldier died of a Vital wound.
11. Municipal
11.شهری ، شهرداری ، مربوط به شهر
A. The state police assisted the municipal police in putting down the riot.
b. There was only a mediocre* turnout for the municipal elections.
C. The municipal government placed a ban* on parking during business hours.
12. Oral
12.زبانی ، شفاهی ، دهانی
A. An oral agreement is not enough; we must have a written promise.
B .Oral surgery is necessary to penetrate* to the diseased root.
C. his unique* oral powers made lanolin a man to remember.
Lesson 41
1.    Complacent
1.خود خواهانه ، مغرورانه ، خود بینانه
A. Senator Troy denounced* the complacent attitude of the polluters* of our air.
B .How can you be complacent about such a menace.
C. I was surprised that Martin was so complacent about his briet part in the play.
2. Wasp
زنبور ، زنبور قرمز
A. When then wasps descended* on the picnic. We ran in all directions.
B. A swan *of wasps attacked us as we were reclining* on the porch.
c. The piercing* sting of a wasp can be very painful
3. Rehabilitate
3.توان بخشیدن ، باز سازی کردن ، توانبخش کردن
A. The old house was rehabilitated at enormous* expense.
B. The former criminal completely rehabilitated himself was respected by al.l
C. This wing of the house must be rehabilitated promptly* as there is a danger. It will collapse.
4. Parole
4.ازادی مشروط ، قول شرف ، قول مردانه
A. The judge Paroled the juvenile* offenders on condition that they report to him every three months.
B. Since the prisoner has been rehabilitated* his family is exploring* the possibility* of having him Paroled.
C .The fugitive* gave his parole not ton try to escape again.
6.    Vertical
5.عمودی ، راست ، قایم ،
A. It wasn't easy to get the drunken man into a vertical position.
B. The way to vote for your candidate* is to pull the lever from the horizontal position to the vertical position.
C. A circle surrounding a vertical line that ends in an inverted v is the well-known peace symbol.
6. Multitude
6.جمعیت ، گروه بسیار ، انبوه
A. A Multitude of letters kept pouring in to the movie idol.
B . The fleeing * culprit * was pursued* by a fierce* Multitude.
C .Flood victims were aided by a Multitude of volunteers.
7.    Nominate
7.تعیین کردن ، معرفی کردن ، انتخاب کردن
A .Three times Bryant was nominated for office but he was never elected.
B. The president nominated him for secretary of state.
C. Though Danny was nominated last, he emerged* as the strongest candidate.
8. Potential
8.بتانسیل ، بالقوه ، نهفته، توانایی
A. Mark has the Potential OT being completely rehabilitated.
B. the coach felt his team had the Potential   to reach the finals.
C .stockpiling of nuclear weapons represents a Potential threat* to human survival
8.    Morgue
9.سرد خانه ، ارشیو
A. There is a slender* chance that we can identify* the body in the morgue.
B .Bodies in the Morgue are preserved* by low temperatures.
C .In the Morgue of the New York Times there are biographies* of most
Famous people..
9.    Preoccupied
10.دل مشغول بودن ، گیج کردن 
 A. Getting to school in time for the test preoccupied Judy's mind.
B .My boss is always preoccupied with ways of cutting down on the workers, lateness.
10.    Upholstery
11.رویه ، روکش ، بارچه رو مبلی
A. Our old sofa was given new velvet upholstery.
B.  The Browns upholstery was so new that we were wary* about visiting them with the children.
C. Thirty _five dollars was the estimate* for changing the upholstery on the dining room chairs.
12. Indifference
12. بی اعتنایی ، بی توجهی ، بی علاقگی
A. Allen's indifference to his schoolwork worried his parents
B .It was a matter of indifference to Bernie whether the story circulating* about his engagement was true or not.
C. My father could not refrain* from commenting on Linda's indifference to ward her brother's tears.
Lesson 42
1.    Maintain
1.حفظ کردن ، حمایت کردن ، ادامه دادن
A .Angelo Maintained his hold on the jagged* rock though his fingers were become ing  numb.
B  . The judge Maintained his opinion that the verdict* was fair.
C .The pauper* was unable to Maintain his family without the help of charity.
1.    Snub
2.کم محلی کردن ، ادامه دادن ، محل نگذاشتن
A. Darryl later apologized* to sally for Snub being her at the dance.
B. Sandra was tormented* by the thought that she might be Snubbed by her classmates.
C .I considered* it a rude Snub when I was not invited to the party.
2.    Endure
3.دوام اوردن ، تحمل کردن ، تاب اوردن
A. How can you endure such disrespect?
B. The valiant* officer endured much pain.
C. Dr. Hardy was confident* he could endure the hardships* of space travel.
4. Wrath
4.خشم ، غضب 
. A. Anticipating* father's Wrath we tried to give him the news slowly
B. There is no rage* like the Wrath of an angry bear.
C .After Ernie's Wrath subsided* we were able to tell him what happened.
5. Expose
5.نمایان کردن ، فاش کردن
A. Soldiers in an open field are exposed to the enemy's gunfire.
B. Foolish actions expose a person to the sneers* of others.
C. The article exposed the vital* document* as a forgery.
6. Legend
6.افسانه ، قصه ، اسطوره
A. Stories about King Arthur and his knights are popular* legend s.
B .Legend has exaggerated* the size of Paul Bunyan.
C. The legend on the rare coin was scarcely* legible
7. Ponder
7.تفکر کردن ، تعمق کردن ، تامل کردن
A . Not wishing to act hastily* the governor pondered the problem for days.
B . After pondering the question, the board decided to grant the parole.
C . The villagers, faced with a famine* pondered their next move
8. Resign
8.کناره گیری کردن ، استعفا کردن
A. Vito resigned his position as editor* of the school paper.
B. Upon hearing the news of the defeat, the football coach promptly* resigned.
C. Upon examining the injury, the chiropractor* told Jim he had deter. 
9. Drastic
9.موثر ، شدید ، قوی ، سخت
A. The police took drastic measures to end the crime wave.
B. The most drastic changes in centuries* have taken place during our life time.
c. In the interests of justice* drastic action must be taken.
10. Wharf
10.بار انداز ، اسکله
A. We watched the exhausted* laborers unloading the cargo on the wharf.
 B .  The lawyer insisted* that his client* was never seen near the wharf.
Where the crime had taken place..
C .Waiting at the wharf for the supply ships to unload was a starving
Multitude* of people
11.    Amend
11.اصلاح کردن ، تجدید نظر کردن
A. It is time you amended your ways.
B. Each time they amended the plan, they made it worse.
C .Rather than amend the club's constitution again, let us discard* it and start afresh.

12.    Ballot
12.برگه یا ورقه رای گیری
A .Clyde, confident* of victory, dropped his ballot into the box.
B. After we counted the ballots a second time, Leo's victory was confirmed.
C .To avoids embarrassing the candidates* we ballot instead of showing

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